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Nabídka roční stáže v křesťanské škole v Indonésii!

Sdílíme nabídku roční stáže v Indonésii.

Vzhledem k tomu, že se jedná o nabídku pro čerstvé absolventy pedagogických a podobných oborů a angličtina je tam nutná, dovolujeme si uveřejnit inzerát v plném znění. Pokud máte dotazy směřujte je prosím přímo na kontaktní osobu dole v inzerátu.

Pozor: uzávěrka je již brzy!



Heritage Christian School is seeking interns for its 2016/2017 academic year.

Heritage an independent, co-educational, single campus, Pentecostal Christian School in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Heritage programs begin with Nursery and continue through Grade 12. We are an international school offering the world-ready and universally accepted Cambridge CPC, IGCSE and AS / A level qualifications.

We are seeking suitably qualified new graduates/interns to join our Teaching team in July (or later) , 2016 for the period of 1 year.  The school year at Heritage runs from July to June.

Our Vision – To instill a firm, Godly foundation in our students to become leaders with strong faith and a desire to transform the world.

Job Requirements:

We are keen to employ Interns/fresh graduates, who are able to identify with the Christian foundations, Christian ethos and Christian practices. The school is non denominational but very much Pentecostal and charismatic. We would expect the interns to be pentecostal and speak in tongues. The successful incumbents will be an enthusiastic and capable Christian willing to work in a team of dedicated Christian staff.

Must Haves:

– A Bachelor Degree in any major field

– A passion for teaching and ministry

– Fluency in English


– Previous teaching experience

E- xperience in Ministry or Youth Leadership – Youth/Music or Counselling


Heritage school will provide a monthly allowance (1000 USD) to cover all meals and incidental expenses. We will provide accommodation, visas and transportation to and from work in Jakarta during the internship. Airfares and medical insurance are to be covered by the interns. This is also an opportunity to learn Indonesian, a new language.


Those seeking employment as interns/new graduates must:

  1. Be able to demonstrate a personal commitment to Christ and a desire to be Christ
  2. Communicate the principles of Scripture
  3. Be regular in attendance at a Church
  4. Be actively involved in corporate worship and contribute to Devotions and Prayer with students and colleagues.
  5. Be prepared to take up the challenge to teach from a biblical worldview.
  6. Be prepared to become a member of a team of teachers working together to communicate common understandings of our Christian faith.

To Apply

Heritage Christian School in Jakarta, Indonesia ( an independent, co-educational, single campus, Pentecostal Christian School).

Address: The Bellezza Permata Hijau Arcade 3rd floor, Arteri Permata Hijau 34 Jakarta 12210 – Indonesia, Indonesia

Please apply in writing via email to: Mr. David Velu:

Please call or text on +61 448 769 154 to clarify any matter.







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